About The Crawshaw Group

The most important thing to know about The Crawshaw Group, founded and led by Brenda Crawshaw, is that all of us are focused on helping you navigate the challenges of running your business. We do this through three main initiatives; one on one coaching, social media training and consulting, and array of Done-For-You services.  We love taking on the challenge of helping you identify where you can work smarter not harder, bust through the obstacles you are experiencing and draw on resources you might not even know you have.

We help you identify what it is that you really want from your business and from yourself, develop a strategy to break larger goals into manageable and achievable steps, identify the best technological options available, and acknowledge and celebrate your successes so you can build on those on your own as you evolve.

I know that talking to a stranger about your business can be awkward. So you are welcome to take advantage of a free Strategy Session so we can both figure out what it would be like to work together.  Here’s my promise: when we conclude this free call, there is ZERO obligation moving forward and you will never hear from me again if you decide this isn’t for you. AND we always make sure you leave that call with something you can put into action right away so you never feel you’ve wasted a second!

Click on the link below for access to my open spots and we can get started with a free session that will give you a taste of what working with us can do for you. I look forward to learning more about your story and how we can work together to get you what you want.

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Brenda Crawshaw

About Brenda Crawshaw, Founder and Team Leader

Brenda is a Certified Professional and Whole Life Coach, is a Certified Social and Community Manager and holds Specialist Certifications in Ecommerce Marketing Specialist, Search Marketing, Analytics and Data, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Content Marketing.

Brenda believes strongly in the saying that when you give a man to fish he eats for a day but when you teach a man to fish, he can eat forever.

Brenda lives in Framingham with her all-male family consisting of husband, son and dog and resents the idea that she is still not considered queen of her domestic domain.