SEO Edge – Custom SEO Services

Learn how our custom SEO services work and how you can use them to your advantage.

custom SEO services represented by a pair of tailored jeans

Our SEO Edge program is available by application only and provides custom SEO services to specific clients. Applicants must fit the following parameters to be considered for inclusion in this high value, results oriented service:

  • The primary online asset must be on the self-hosted WordPress platform;
  • Clients must produce no less than 20 pieces of individual content (posts or pages) per month for this website;
  • Clients must understand what SEO is, how it works and why it is an important pillar of online visibility;
  • Clients have well defined ideal customer avatars and have a thorough knowledge of how their unique value proposition offers a competitive advantage to those customers.

Are custom SEO services right for your business?

If you fit these parameters, here’s what you can expect should you become an SEO Edge client.

  • As you produce content, you load it into your website using a specific flag and save in draft form.
  • We go into your site on our schedule and optimize that content using carefully sourced and chosen keywords/keyphrases using premier white hat SEO strategies.
  • If you need images, we source them exclusively from CC0 (Creative Commons Zero) licensed sources.
  • If you wish for optimized content to be repurposed for social media, appropriate optimization will be provided using plugins (or provided separately as per client request).
  • Interlinking will be created when possible to enhance authority reputation with search engines.

Each client’s service package – and monthly fee – will be customized to their specific needs. We will not charge for nor accept payment for any service you do not need.  We set up an auto-payment process for your fee and you just sit back and let your content work for you as it should.

To apply please complete the application here and we will circle back to you shortly.