We know sometimes you just want to throw money at something to make it happen! Our Done For You Services group can help. We offer packages of done for you services to maximize your resources with a variety of technological and social media projects.

We are able to offer such a wide array of services through carefully researched, fully vetted and totally collaborative partners in areas in which The Crawshaw Group has not yet leveraged their own experts. We do the work this way to ensure that we can focus on what we are best and and still get you access to outstanding experts in other areas.

We can help with any or all of the projects you need done, from providing you with researched keywords to creating the optimized content, from providing you with a portfolio of graphic elements to doing the postings on your behalf, from providing monthly website maintenance to building you a new home base, there is no component of done for your services too small or too large for us to take on in order to help you fully leverage your business.

Some of the services we cover:

On-Site Optimization ensuring that every piece of content is best positioned to bring you organic traffic;
Keyword Research using up to the minute updated paid tools;
Keyword Silo Creation to provide you with long tail keywords and keywords with modifiers to give you maximum opportunity to rank on
SERPS for all major search engines;
Pinterest Business Account Creation including optimizing your account, claiming your website and applying for Rich Pins;
Pinterest Board Development including researching competition boards, optimizing boards and creating board covers;
Pinterest Keyword Silo Creation to ensure that pins will be presented in search results often outperforming paid pinning;
Pinterest Population using Tailwind to provide maximum coverage with minimal time and money spent;
Facebook Group Mission Design and Implementation to ensure group mission aligns with customer needs;
Facebook Advertising using paid tools to ensure maximum ROI and accurate filtering;
Facebook Engagement to increase relevant exposure to changing Facebook algorithms garnering organic traffic;
Instagram Hashtag Research to ensure that all hashtags provide relevancy and maximum audience impressions;
Website Design using the latest research and information to ensure customer interface reflects business branding, mission and goals;
Website Maintenance to ensure that risk is minimized, functionality is maximized and your site is always ready for customers;
Graphic Design for branding, logo, digital and print advertising and social media, memes, and all areas where design is important;
Content Creation through research and interviews and always fully optimized;
Content Editing for grammar, syntax, spelling, voice and relevancy according to selected keywords;
Content Optimization to ensure maximum organic traffic and one click repurposing across the web;
LinkedIn Profile Optimization for consistency, relevancy and timeliness;
Image Sourcing to provide you with images you can use on your site and in marketing initiatives;
Image Optimization through using relevant keywords to drive organic traffic and align with Calls To Action;


Please contact Brenda at Brenda@TheCrawshawGroup.com for more information on a customized quote.