Social media is a crucial leg of any business and it can be overwhelming to know how or even where to start. And if you’ve already started, it can be challenging to figure out how to grow your influence. Finding the right balance can be seriously overwhelming!


Every social media platform provides a different advantage for different types of businesses and every platform requires different types of content. So if you really wanted to, you could spend ALL your time just trying to manage social media.

Or you can engage us to help you. We test everything and only share those things that were successful. We are continuously experimenting with the latest apps and tools and again, only share the ones that work. We are constantly exploring and researching algorithm changes and adapt our performance based on best practices AND real life results.

Our goal is to help you work smarter not harder and to help you maximize your return on your investment of time and money on social media. We will never steer you toward a paid solution if a free one is just as good or, as in a few cases we’ve developed, OUTPERFORMS paid solutions.

We start with the platform that best aligns with your business and help you develop strategies, tactics and assets to fully penetrate that platform. When YOU determine that you have achieved the level of engagement you were targeting, we add the next best suited platform to your efforts. In this way, you are able to gain traction on each platform and, using the strategies we have tested, continue to grow your influence on each platform as you add new ones to your profile.

In this category, too, is the often overlooked but incredibly effective email marketing. We can help you choose an email broadcast service, set up your follow up emails, help you develop a sales funnel and create a strategy to drive valuable content to your customer list through this push marketing initiative.

With so much to cover, we would love to offer you a no-cost first call to help you identify where best for you to spend your time. Click on the link below and choose a time to talk with Brenda Crawshaw and we can help you get started getting the visibility you deserve and the customers you want!

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