What does The Crawshaw Group do?

At The Crawshaw Group, we help you legally and legitimately “hack” the web and social media to help your content get the attention it deserves.

Wouldn’t you like YOUR business to be in the spotlight all the time?

You are an independent business owner and work hard to create regular, valuable content for your ideal customers. Content is posted on your website and  social media platforms where your target audience hangs out. One would think that this would be enough.

The bad news is it’s not enough. The web and social media are FULL of other people competing for attention, and your content, no matter how AWESOME it may be, can get lost in the ocean of information.

The good news? There’s a fix and VERY FEW people are using it! And that is MY jam!

Search engine optimization (SEO) and social media optimization (SMO) is, simply put, ensuring that the algorithms of these platforms can find your content. This is accomplished by using keywords and keyphrases in specific places in your content that act as “trip points” for the bots who crawl your content to check out how valuable it could be to someone searching for what you are offering.

The SUPER good news? The Crawshaw Group customizes what we do for how YOUR unique value proposition solves the pain points of YOUR ideal customers. We don’t do boilerplate and we don’t use canned reports. Ever.

And the most magical thing about SEO/SMO is that it grows exponentially! The more you optimize, the more the web bots serve you up toward the top and the more people click on your information, the more the bots love you and then, well, the more they serve you up AT the top. Can you see how this can work for you?

I totally LOVE what I do to help clients get more traffic, leads, customers and make more money. So few people actually use the strategy the web bots WANT. This means when you start optimizing, you start gaining the advantage over your competition almost right away.

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