About Brenda Crawshaw

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I am Brenda Crawshaw and I speak geek!  SEO geek, that is. So much so that people started referring to me as The SEO Maven and it stuck.

Using excellent, proven SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, I’ll get your content in front of the right audience. You could say that I help people legally and legitimately “hack” the web and social media – in the way it wants to be “hacked” –  to get your content the visibility it deserves.   

Not to brag (but you know I have to), my clients regularly enjoy outranking their competitors on the web and in social media.

As an independent business owner myself, I know there is nothing more frustrating than creating and publishing content…then hearing crickets. 

Here’s a secret that most “SEO experts” don’t want you to know. Optimization is NOT difficult, it’s NOT complex and it does NOT have to be expensive.

I discovered this many years ago as a business strategist when I recognized that optimization tactics on the web also worked on social media.  It’s no secret: clients who regularly optimized their content for SEO just flat out got more business. And because I am an instant gratification girl (if it’s not instant, it’s really not that gratifying),  I was immediately hooked on helping my clients go from feeling invisible to getting their content in front of the right audience with these simple stratgies.

As much as a lot of optimization work is rooted in common sense, I keep my skills sharp. I’m a Certified Social and Community Manager and a Certified Professional and Whole Life Coach,  and hold Specialist Certifications in Ecommerce Marketing, Search Marketing, Analytics and Data, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition and Content Marketing. 

Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence applications change constantly – but I’m on top of it so you don’t have to be!  I regularly recertify my skills through SEO Training Programs from Yoast, SEMRush and Moz. 

There are two important things you need to know about working with me:

1. I will NEVER charge you for something you don’t need. Nothing gets my goat more than seeing companies that charge package amounts with a big chunk of your investment going into a study or a report or an analysis you don’t need. 

I want you to get the absolute maximum value out of everything you pay for and put that walk in my talk all day long. ALL the work I do is customized to each and every client and my pricing is completely transparent.

2. I test everything before I share it. There are loads of “experts” out there who give you all kinds of “tips” to move the needle with some being great and some being disastrous. When I hear about a new or fresh way of doing things, I use one of my many sandbox sites and accounts and test what is being shared. 

If it works, I perfect it…and only then do I share it with my clients.

As a former restaurant owner, I am known to use food analogies to help clients understand complicated concepts, so don’t be surprised when I start comparing SEO components to pizza toppings or keyword selection as fruit shopping!  While I serve businesses all around the world,  I live in Kingston, MA with my husband of 30+ years (I am nothing if not tenacious!), adult son AND parents along with my completely crazy but adorable rescue dog, who is part husky and talks back like a sassy tween.

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